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Whitepapers Overview

Dive into the deep end with the MobileCoin white-papers:

MobileCoin Whitepaper

MobileCoin, Electronic Dollars
‘Whitepaper for Electronic Dollars (eUSD).’ (MobileCoin 2022)

MobileCoin, Bulletproofs

MobileCoin, Bitter to Better

MobileCoin, Ring Confidential Transactions

MobileCoin, CryptoNote

MobileCoin, BitCoin

MobileCoin’s Defense in Depth
‘Protecting user data using ring signatures, one-time addresses, and RingCT.’ (Goldbard 2022)

MobileCoin, Fog
‘An efficient alternative to CryptoNote view-key scanning.’ (Beck 2022)

Mechanics of MobileCoin
‘Exploring the foundations of a private digital currency.’ (Koe 2021)

Historical First Whitepaper
‘A fast, private, easy-to-use cryptocurrency.’ (Goldbard 2017)

We also recommend reading about Bitcoin:

Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.
‘An electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof.’ (Nakamoto 2009)

Bitter to Better: How to Make Bitcoin a Better Currency
‘Bring Bitcoin to the attention of the cryptography research community.’ (Barber 2012)

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