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Freelancers Get Paid in Less Than 5 Seconds with Sentz

  • Receive your payments in eUSD.
  • Low transaction fees.
  • Send invoices in seconds.
  • Withdraw to your bank account or as USDT or USDC.


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Cross-border Payments Should Make Sentz

Maximize Your Business Potential by Minimizing Payment Delays

Request Payments with ease

Request payments from clients or anyone in your network as easily as sending a text message.

Receive Payments in seconds

Say goodbye to waiting days for cross-border payments to arrive. Keep your business moving by accessing your funds anytime, anywhere*.

Purchase and store eUSD securely

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have full ownership of the funds in your wallet. Convert or hold your payments as stablecoins.

Withdraw to your Bank Account or as USDC or USDT

Access your assets and transfer them to your preferred destination whenever you need them.

Freelancer-Friendly Payments: Secure, Convenient, Affordable

Secure and Private Payments

Salary, business, and payment data is safe with end-to-end encryption. Never worry about your stablecoin payment data being visible on the public block explorer.

Convenient and Dependable Stablecoin Access

Sentz’s stablecoin, eUSD, is backed by the US dollar. Purchase eUSD with USDT or USDC with confidence from anywhere*.

Low Fees

Keep more of your hard earned money. Peer to peer payments in Sentz cost a fraction of a cent.

Simple Client Onboarding

Clients residing across the globe add their local currency to their Sentz wallet via ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and various other convenient options.

"I use Sentz to get paid when I get commissioned to write as a freelance journalist. It is the fastest and the most convenient way for me to get paid. I will always choose Sentz"

Nelson CJ

Freelance Journalist (Culture writer: @Rollingstone, @TIME , @Wired , @Dazed)

"Receiving payments on Sentz, literally happens in less than 5 seconds. As soon as I shared my payment link with my clients, I get paid. It has removed the anxiety that comes with international payments"

Gideon Emmanuel

Software Developer