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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download Sentz? 

You can download Sentz on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What information do I need to create a wallet?

All you need is a phone number and an email to sign up. This allows our customers to send payments to each other using a phone number. Additionally, your phone, email and the pin you create on signup are used to help you recover your account.

How do I fund my wallet?

Where available, you can fund your wallet with a Visa debit card, bank account, Mastercard, PIX, Neteller, Skrill, or supported stablecoins. Simply tap ‘Fund’ on the homepage of the app and choose your preferred method.

How do I withdraw my funds?

Funds can be withdrawn, where available, directly to your bank account, Visa debit card, PIX, Neteller, Skrill, or to an exchange. Simply tap ‘Withdraw’ on the home page and choose your preferred method. 

What is my Sentz URL?

Your Sentz URL is your unique payment link that you can use to receive payments if you’re not in someone’s contact and if they do not have your phone number. 

How do I find my Sentz URL?

Find your Sentz URL by tapping on the QR code icon in the top right corner of the app screen homepage.

Where is the Sentz App available?

The app is available in every country other than those that fall under global regulatory exclusions. Learn more here

What is my recovery pin?

Your recovery pin is the 4 digit pin that you chose when creating your Sentz wallet. This pin is used to recover your wallet if you ever lose your phone, as well as when sending and withdrawing funds. Friendly reminder to choose a pin that is easy for you to remember! 

What is a 24-word secret phrase?

Your 24-word secret phrase is a string of words that you can use to recover your account if you misplace your password. Since you have full ownership over your funds and data in Sentz, we provide you (and you alone) this unique 24-word secret phrase when you create your account. This phrase is used to recover your wallet if you ever forget your Recovery Pin. Store it securely and remember to never screenshot your phrase. 

I forgot my PIN and lost my 24-word secret phrase. What should I do?

Without your pin or 24 words, you won't be able to access your wallet. If you'd like to create a new wallet, contact our team at support@sentz.com.

Can I manually back up my 24-words to my device?

Yes! We have a feature that allows you to back up your 24-word secret phrase directly on your device. If you ever lose your phone, your backup will be used to restore your wallet without having to manually enter your 24 words. New members can opt into backups when they create an account. For existing members, update your app to the latest version and head to Profile > Privacy & Security > Backup. Remember, you should still manually store your 24 words securely in case you want to restore your funds on a different OS (for example: iOS to Android). 

Is the Sentz App secure?

Yes! All peer-to-peer payments in Sentz are end-to-end encrypted.

What is eUSD?

eUSD is our native stablecoin that is integrated directly into the Sentz App. eUSD is fully collateralized 1:1 with top-rated stablecoins that themselves are fully 1:1 USD collateralized with USD (or USD equivalents) reserves on deposit. 

What is a non-custodial wallet?

A non-custodial wallet, or self-custody wallet, is a wallet where the user is in full control of their funds and private keys — and is fully responsible for managing them.