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Payments In Signal

How do I activate payments in Signal?

Open the Signal app on your phone and tap ‘Profile’ in the top left > Settings > Payments > Activate Payments > Accept and Agree to the Terms.

How do I enable my Signal Pin?

A Signal PIN is used to recover the wallet linked to your Signal account if you lose your phone or install the Signal app on a new phone. The PIN is unknown to Signal and it can not be reset if you forget it. To activate your wallet, you must have a Signal PIN enabled in Profile > Settings > Account.

How do I restore my wallet with my PIN in Signal?

Your balance will automatically restore when you reinstall Signal if you confirm your Signal PIN.

What if I uninstalled Signal?

It’s okay if you uninstalled your Signal app! Just Reinstall it and recover your wallet with your PIN or 24-word passphrase. If you remember your Signal PIN, you can recover settings and the wallet linked to your Signal account. If you do not know your Signal PIN, you can register and restore the wallet linked to your Signal account with the 24-word passphrase. Follow the steps listed above.

How do I view my wallet phrase?

You can also restore your balance using a recovery phrase, which is a 24-word phrase unique to you. Write it down and store it in a safe place. You can view this list again after creating. Go to Signal Settings > Payments > Menu > View Recovery Phrase > Tap Start > Record the 24 words in order > Tap Next > Enter the two words that are requested > Tap Done. 

Recovery passphrase is saved the first time you complete this. Please note that there is a limit to your attempts. 

How do I restore my wallet with a passphrase?

Restore the wallet linked to your Signal account by using the recovery passphrase you previously recorded. Your recovery passphrase is a total of 24 words. Have your 24 words available. Go to Signal Settings > Payments > Restore Payments Account > Tap Start > Enter a word > Select ‘Next’ > Repeat until all 24 words are entered in order > Review the recovery phase list > Tap Next to submit the passphrase. 

If the passphrase is not correct, you will start from the beginning.

How do I view transactions?

Transaction details, including the payment amount and time of transaction, are part of the MobileCoin ledger and are unknown to Signal. View transaction history and details in Signal Settings > Payments > Tap a transaction to see its status and message. 

After there are a few transactions, tap See All, to view sent and received activity separately.

How do I send payments?

MobileCoin can be sent between any two people with a mobile phone, anywhere in the world. 

How do I transfer in from an exchange?

Go to  Settings > Payments > Add Money. 

Tap Copy to copy the wallet address linked to your Signal account. 

Go to a supported exchange.

Follow steps to send on your exchange, paste the wallet address linked to your Signal account and send.

Return to Signal Settings > Payments.

How do I transfer out of an exchange?

THIS ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE. Be certain of where you are transferring to. Tap on your Profile Avatar > Go to Signal Settings > Payments > Menu > Transfer to exchange. 

Go to your exchange and view the wallet address. In Signal, scan or enter the wallet address from the exchange. For the address, look for the 26-35 string of numbers and letters most commonly below the QR code. Tap Next > Tap Pay > Tap Confirm. 


How do I cancel or undo a payment? 

You can not cancel a payment once you have hit send. You can message your contact and ask them to send you a payment. If you hit Send, your payment will process. Turning your phone off or disabling your connection will not stop the payment if you have hit send.

How do I deactivate Payments in Signal?

If you do not want to use the MobileCoin wallet in Signal, you can deactivate it. You will not be able to send or receive payments in Signal after you deactivate. We recommend that you view and copy the wallet passphrase before proceeding. 

Tap on your Profile Avatar > Go to Signal Settings  > Payments > Menu > Deactivate Payments. Next, we recommend that you transfer a balance to use again. Please note that if you choose not to transfer, the balance will remain in your Signal account. Tap Deactivate.

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