Welcome to Sentz!
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Welcome to Sentz!

First thing first: we’re proud to announce that MobileCoin is now officially Sentz. While our name may have changed, our mission for payments remains the same: to create a world where you can pay anyone, anywhere, instantly and securely.

While what our mission offers might appear evident to some, the reality is that so many financial systems are broken — they lack global (and individual) accessibility, efficiency, affordability, and more. At Sentz, we are devoted to disrupting the current payments landscape to fulfill our vision of enabling financial empowerment without compromise.

The wordplay aside, our new name encapsulates our vision for the future of payments: transparency, access and ease-of use. This inviting moniker is intended to welcome an increasingly global audience, representing the interconnectedness we now share.

“Blockchain-enabled finance is one of the fastest-moving and volatile industries. As the technology evolves, so too must our brand and how we show up in the world for our customers. I was the third engineer at Sentz, and we’ve navigated major changes and innovations together as a team. It’s been an absolute joy to work alongside so many incredible minds, builders, teammates, and visionaries who have long been devoted to making payments better, faster, safer, and more efficient. While our name as a company has changed, this mission and opportunity is the same as it always has been — and always will be. I couldn’t be more proud to lead Sentz and our incredible team into this new era.”

— Sara Drakeley, CEO, Sentz

Alongside our official rebrand as a company, we wanted to share more on the path ahead for Sentz and what it means for our customers and the next generation of the global payments landscape.

The New Era of Sentz

Sentz is the next evolution in our company’s journey as MobileCoin and Moby (our payment application). Our rebrand into Sentz will take our vision of financial empowerment to the masses, a growing global audience of users ready to experience more financial empowerment on their own terms. We believe that it’s essential for a company’s audience to be at the core of everything we do, and at Sentz, this will always be true. This exciting step forward reflects the collective efforts of every person at the company, who are all devoted to improving the lives of countless others around the world.

Therefore, we are committed to solving real problems for real people. What was once a dream for the evolution of blockchain-based technology is now a reality – by leveraging what we’ve built and the partnerships we’ve made, we are able to send funds from a US bank to a Mexican bank in less than 10 minutes. For people with family members abroad, these payments can be used for everything from emergency care to groceries, medicine, home repair, and basic necessities. This achievement is something that blockchain-based payments companies haven’t been able to solve without compromising on the user experience. And this is only the beginning.

By streamlining remittances (a $61B market for the US and Mexico in 2022), enabling fast peer-to-peer transactions, and offering solutions for international business payments, we are dedicated to building the most secure and innovative technology to help guide the future of payments for individuals and businesses — a future built on speed, approachability, connectivity, and global reach.

As we said in the intro of this article, while our name has changed, our mission and values as a company remain the same — and that goes for our internal workforce, broader community, and customer base.

Here are some of our company values at a glance.

Real People, Real Problems: Our technology and suite of products create real solutions to real problems for real people worldwide.

Deliver Value, Value What You Deliver: At Sentz, across our customers and products, we always put all of our passion, attention, and value into the products we ship and the customers and communities we reach.

Ship Magic: We build innovative technology, emphasizing getting it out the door and into our user’s hands — effortlessly and with intention.

Radical Responsibility: We always respect each other and our customers through our company ethos and technology.

Clear is Kind: We believe candor with compassion manifests kindness — and that must occur through everything we do.

How it All Comes to Life

Our vision comes to life through our products.


What We Do: Sentz is the global payment solution that offers fast, affordable, and secure payments, unlocking a world where businesses and individuals can pay anyone, anywhere.

The Sentz App

The Sentz App lets you send and receive payments globally to anyone that you can text in less than 5 seconds for a fraction of a cent — a vast improvement from the standard 1-5 business days most international transactions can take and up to 3% in fees from your total transfer amount.

Below, see more unique and powerful benefits of using the Sentz App.

Instant. Receive your money in five seconds (or less!).

Basically Free. Payments cost a fraction of a cent.

Simple. Get paid with a phone number.

Like Holding USD*. Withdraw instantly into your local currency as needed.

Secure. Payments are fully encrypted. Only share your balance and transactions with trusted parties.

“The latest iteration of Moby – what’s now the Sentz App - is the most innovative and inviting mix of accessibility, security, affordability, and speed available. As a customer-first company, we take pride in solving real problems for real people without sacrificing usability and global reach. The continuous stream of improvements our team has swiftly delivered based on direct customer feedback serves as a testament to our mission.”

— Razan Hantash, Head of Product

What's Next?

What can you expect in the coming weeks and months? Here are some key things on the horizon to pay attention to across a couple of key buckets: our technology (the Sentz App) and growth (i.e, expansion into new markets and some exciting opportunities via our business development team).

Sentz got a fresh new look

When you’re managing your money, we want to get out of your way. Our new experience is dynamic and surfaces what you need when you need it so you can more quickly navigate through the app.

Sentz is going even more global

We’ll be adding new markets and integrating more deeply into existing markets. We’re continuing to add local payment methods to get your money in and out of Sentz in a timely, cost-efficient manner so that you have more control over your funds.

Easier ways to cash in and out

We’ll be improving our flows so that it takes less taps and screens to move your money. Our localization efforts are centered around reducing friction.

Native currency support

We’ll be adding additional currencies to app settings so that you can view your balance in your local currency.

Crypto ramps to support the hybrid economy

We’re working on expanding our ramps so that you can fund and withdraw into an exchange or another wallet.

Invoicing and payroll

We’ll be expanding our use cases to support business users who want additional functionality to support their work.

More utility!

One of the most frequent requests we get is the ability to not only pay others, but also pay for things directly with Sentz. We’re prioritizing partnerships that will let you use your funds directly without having to withdraw. More to come!

Join us in the Future of Payments

We want to thank all of you for your support during our journey to the present as a company, including a special shoutout to our incredible team of builders who have put so much hard work into empowering the future of payments for everyone. There's so much more to come — we’ll see you in the era of Sentz!