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Have you ever wondered how much easier life would be if you could receive payments from global clients without having to jump through hoops? Or get paid for your work without the tedious task of creating an invoice from scratch? What if you could save your hard-earned money in stablecoins, ensuring it never loses value?

You don't have to wonder anymore. With Sentz, all of this and more is not just a possibility – it's your reality!

What Is Sentz?

Sentz is the global payment solution that offers fast, affordable, and secure payments, unlocking a world where businesses and individuals can pay and get paid by anyone, anywhere. The Sentz app enables you to send and receive payments globally in seconds, as easily as sending a text message.*

We don't just make international transactions possible – we make them easy. Whether you're a freelancer seeking international payments, looking to store your money in stablecoins, or in need of an app for sending and receiving money abroad, Sentz has you covered!

Who Can Use Sentz? EVERYONE!*

You’ll especially love Sentz if you fit into these categories:


The average Nigerian freelancer is a bundle of talent and resilience; but with many global payment services not supporting Nigeria, receiving payments for completed work can be frustrating. Sentz changes that.

With Sentz, you can get paid by global clients through various easy methods: send a payment link, share your personalized username, or create an invoice.

The best part? You don't need to worry about accessing your money. You can keep your earnings as eUSD stablecoins on Sentz or withdraw them to your Nigerian bank account for spending and paying bills.

Stablecoin Savers

If you're into stablecoins, Sentz is the payment app you need. You can fund your Sentz wallet with USDT or USDC, convert to eUSD (our stablecoin backed by a basket of USDT & USDT and pegged 1:1 with the USD), and either hold your funds in eUSD or withdraw them to Naira. Sentz provides a secure and stable way to save your money.*

Anyone Needing a Payments App That Works for You

Whether you need to send and receive money from friends and family abroad, save in stablecoins to preserve the value of your funds, or quickly send an "urgent $2k" to loved ones, Sentz is for you.

If you haven’t already realized – everyone is welcome to the Sentz Party!

What Can You Do With Sentz?

We are more than just another payment service. With Sentz, you can do the following:

Send and Receive Money Globally

Primarily, Sentz allows you to enjoy cross-border payments in seconds.** We offer a reliable payment service that’s fast and easy to use, and with end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that your funds are secure. Isn’t that awesome?

Save in Stablecoins

With Sentz, you can access eUSD. This lets you save money securely and protect your hard-earned cash. When you're ready to withdraw your funds, you can transfer them as Naira to your local bank account or convert them to USDT or USDC.

Create Invoices and Get Paid by Global Clients

If you are a freelancer, Sentz makes invoicing easy. You can create invoices directly within the app and send them to your clients, eliminating the need for external templates or importing details from other apps.

Once your invoice is sent, your client can fulfill it through Sentz. If they're new to the app, they'll be prompted to download Sentz from the App Store or Google Play Store. All they need is a phone number to sign up. After creating their Sentz wallet, they can view and pay the invoice using various funding options, including Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or with USDT/USDC.

Once your invoice is fulfilled, you can keep your funds securely in your Sentz wallet or withdraw them whenever you’d like. It’s that easy!

You are Your Own Bank

Sentz operates as a self-custodial wallet. When you store your money in your Sentz app, it’s directly under your control. We’re not a bank, and we don’t have access to your funds. Your money remains yours, and your payment data belongs to you.

To learn more about how to secure your Sentz wallet, read this article!

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The future of money is here. And with Sentz, you can book your ride into that future easily! So, what are you waiting for? Download the Sentz app from PlayStore or App Store today.

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