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Introducing Invoicing in Sentz: Freelancer Payments Simplified

Are you a freelancer tired of the hassle of receiving payments from global clients? Does the idea of onboarding clients to crypto-based payment platforms seem daunting? While invoicing signifies incoming payment, the process can be cumbersome, especially with invoicing tools that come with a price tag. We get it – time is money, and waiting days or even weeks for payments can be excruciating, especially when you've worked hard for it.

Invoicing Made Easy

We took matters into our own hands and built an invoicing feature directly into the Sentz app!

Creating an invoice in Sentz is simple. Navigate to the “Invoice” field in your Sentz app, enter the client’s email address, add a description of the service provided, specify the amount, and include any applicable taxes. With just a few taps, your invoice is ready to be sent. Better yet, your clients don't need to have Sentz to receive your invoice, making the process easy for both parties*.

Simple Client Onboarding

Once your invoice is sent, your client can easily fulfill it through Sentz. If they're new to the app, they'll be prompted to download Sentz from the app store. All they need is a phone number to create a wallet. After creating their Sentz wallet, they can view and pay the invoice using various funding options, including Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or with USDT/USDC.

Stability with Stablecoins

Once your invoice has been paid, you have the option (pending your location) to withdraw the funds to your local currency or opt to withdraw with stablecoins like USDT or USDC. For those in countries with high inflation, our eUSD stablecoin provides an attractive payment option along with enhanced security for global transactions.

In essence, Sentz empowers freelancers to create invoices, receive eUSD payments within seconds, and enjoy the stability of stablecoin payments — all within a single app.

We can’t wait to hear what you think and are always looking for ways to make your cross-border payments faster, simpler, more affordable, and accessible. Try it out now!