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We’re Solving Real-World Challenges with Blockchain Innovation

Our mission at Sentz is to create a world where you can pay anyone, anywhere instantly and securely. For our customers, that means the ability to send payments to each other in less than five seconds, which is just about as close to instant as it gets! But the buck doesn’t stop there (pun slightly intended in this case). 

In an increasingly hybrid economy, we know sending payments to each other quickly is not enough – it’s equally as important for them to be able to get their money into their bank accounts as swiftly as possible.

We are able to do just that — send funds from a US bank to a Mexican bank in less than 10 minutes, leveraging our peer-to-peer payment app, Sentz. Not only can we help our customers send payments instantly to one another, but we can also ensure (through our ramp partners) that the funds are readily usable. Note: that’s something that blockchain-based payments companies haven’t been able to solve without compromising on the user experience (clunky wallet addresses), security (public transaction histories), speed (inefficient consensus algorithms) and cost (high gas fees in other blockchain-native tokens).

This is fantastic news for customers that rely on money sent from family in a different country. We know that remittances are a lifeline for so many people across the world and no one should have to wait days or experience excessive fees to pay for their daily needs and support their loved ones. 

So what’s the best way to make improved blockchain-based payment systems – and allow them to be more accessible for everyone? Reduced friction. Sending money via blockchain technology should be a better user experience than the traditional rails, not a step backward. 

Sentz demonstrates our commitment to designing with our customer at the center of every choice we make allowing more people to share in our vision for the future of payments. That’s why we made sending money as easy as sending a text! 

And just how important is it to empower effortless, inexpensive, and instant payments between people around the world? Currently, payments from the US to Mexico represent one of the largest remittance corridors, totaling $61B in 2022. Thanks to our partnership with Paybis, we’ve made it easier than ever for people to send money to their family in Mexico – who can simply withdraw the funds using their Visa card or bank account. We also currently support deposits and withdrawals via the MobileCoin blockchain (and in select geos, via traditional rails) in Brazil, India, Philippines and 180 other countries. Our goal is to expand into more markets with the fastest cross-border payment solution in the industry. 

True to our vision of financial empowerment without compromise, we’re also serving another segment of customers who rely on cross-border payments – freelancers. Thanks to several trends – improvements in connectivity, remote work, globalization – and the emergence of the skills-based economy, the number of global active freelancers has skyrocketed. We are committed to supporting this growing workforce. 

As more freelancers enter the economy, estimated to be 1.57 billion people globally, we want to make sure that they aren’t restricted by the lack of a shared payment method. When their client is located across the globe, freelancers can use Sentz to request payment without the frustrating delays of the traditional banking system. We’ve witnessed this value first-hand with the freelancers we contract in Nigeria and Mexico for everything from user insights and product testing to community building and marketing.

At Sentz, one of our values is to solve real problems, for real people, and we’ve been heads down doing just that – building financial products to help everyday people. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far. Stay tuned – and thanks for reading.